So, while browsing the Internet for Photography-related articles, media and reviews, I was directed to a ‘well-known’ image board. Now, this wouldn’t really come as a surprise to most people, but this image board is notorious for hosting and sharing gore, pornography, vehicle accident videos and other such less than friendly material.

On this image board I happened upon a Photography board, and I must admit I was actually blown away by the quality of the images that were being shared on it. Perfectly-framed landscapes, gorgeous wildlife pictures and high-quality still-life compositions.

Now, considering the regular content posted on the board, I was surprised to find all this ‘normal’ stuff being shared, and I guess it opened my eyes a little to the fact that, even though there are certain niches and topics at the forefront on web-based media, hidden snugly in the billions of pornography images and cat videos; there are actually some things worth taking notice of.




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