Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room…

So, people are losing their shit over JK’s E.R showing a guy and his giant testicle, yet on the show today, a woman comes onto the scene claiming that she doesn’t like her breasts. Apparently she lost all the muscle and tissue and is now unhappy with the shape and look of her boobs.


Now, I know the internet has a huge disdain for certain body parts being shown, and yet, JK’s E.R just showed full breasts, inc. nipples. This somehow doesn’t seem overly fair, given that a testicle garnered almost complete country-wide outcry, and to show nipples and full breasts will inevitably get the same result, yes?


No. Apparently not.


Now, I’m not complaining, as in my opinion breasts/nipples/testicles/genitals of any kind are natural. Everyone has nipples, everyone has genitals, and everyone is a human being with some/all/an assortment of the above.

So, #freethenipple should undoubtedly be followed by #freethetesticles, #freethegenitals and #freethenatural.