Seriously #GoT ??

You know what? I hate Game of Thrones sometimes. I mean, I know the show has a habit of killing off your most loved characters, but c’mon…seriously now?

I actually nearly shed a manly tear at the end of Episode 5 – the closest I’ve come to that so far is when Ned met his fate at the hands of that little blond bastard, Joffrey. Sometimes…sometimes this show needs to chill.




Jeremy Kyle’s Emergency Room…

So, people are losing their shit over JK’s E.R showing a guy and his giant testicle, yet on the show today, a woman comes onto the scene claiming that she doesn’t like her breasts. Apparently she lost all the muscle and tissue and is now unhappy with the shape and look of her boobs.


Now, I know the internet has a huge disdain for certain body parts being shown, and yet, JK’s E.R just showed full breasts, inc. nipples. This somehow doesn’t seem overly fair, given that a testicle garnered almost complete country-wide outcry, and to show nipples and full breasts will inevitably get the same result, yes?


No. Apparently not.


Now, I’m not complaining, as in my opinion breasts/nipples/testicles/genitals of any kind are natural. Everyone has nipples, everyone has genitals, and everyone is a human being with some/all/an assortment of the above.

So, #freethenipple should undoubtedly be followed by #freethetesticles, #freethegenitals and #freethenatural.


Hey there, sorry for the lack of updates this past week, been a little busy.


I’ve kind of hit a wall with Macro photography just lately, it’s getting harder to find things to take pictures of when you can’t get out of the house due to poor weather.


I’m sure that once the weather picks up again, I’ll be back to normal! Until then, have fun and take it easy.


Well it just occurred to me that macro photography is hard as fuck.


Like, it’s not just about getting the right camera-subject distances and focal length to get the best picture, it’s also about finding things to actually take pictures of! I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately as to take pictures of, so like, any suggestions would be real good right now lol

Regarding Unemployment

Today marked the last day that I held employment at the company I worked for.


This, in my opinion at least, is a good thing. Sure, money will he tight, but then it always was anyway. It does mean that I’ll have more time for things that I want to do, more pictures, posts, and even the odd YouTube video thrown in for good measure. It’ll take a little time getting used to not having to wake up at 4am every day, but I’m sure that, with time, that’ll come easy.


Anyway, watch this space for more news and posts very soon.


So, while browsing the Internet for Photography-related articles, media and reviews, I was directed to a ‘well-known’ image board. Now, this wouldn’t really come as a surprise to most people, but this image board is notorious for hosting and sharing gore, pornography, vehicle accident videos and other such less than friendly material.

On this image board I happened upon a Photography board, and I must admit I was actually blown away by the quality of the images that were being shared on it. Perfectly-framed landscapes, gorgeous wildlife pictures and high-quality still-life compositions.

Now, considering the regular content posted on the board, I was surprised to find all this ‘normal’ stuff being shared, and I guess it opened my eyes a little to the fact that, even though there are certain niches and topics at the forefront on web-based media, hidden snugly in the billions of pornography images and cat videos; there are actually some things worth taking notice of.